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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Out with the old...In with the new

2006 is about to leave us forever. It doesn't seem possible that this year is over.

Alot has taken place since I sat in this chair at my parents house last year. In December of 2005 I had no idea that I would be holding my little miracle. In January 2006 I found out that I was pregnant with Trystan Michelle. It's unbelievable that now I sit here holding her and she is 3 months old. God has truly been good...even if all I had to thank Him for this year was Trystan...it would be worth it all!

January 30th Phillip and I celebrated our 7th year anniversary. Can it really be possible???

February 2006 Phillip and I went on a cruise for our anniversary and I spent the WHOLE time in the room puking my guts out...what a trip =)

In March of 2006 Logan Chase turned 5! It can't be true that he is already so big!! He is an awesome child! God has blessed us with a great boy.

In July 2006 we started the most UNBELIEVABLE revival with Bro & Sis Marks. They have become some of our GREATEST friends. We love them and little Caden!

August 2006 I was put on bedrest! UGH..how horrible that was!!! I started having contractions at 30 weeks and was put on bedrest and Terbutaline. In September I was put in the hospital several times to keep the little girl from coming too early! God was good to us and kept her safe until she was 36 weeks.

September 2006 rolled around and Logan is in Kindergarten. He is loving learning how to read, add numbers and write stuff. He is going to be one smart little cookie. =)

October 2, 2006 rolled around and here came Miss Trystan. Since then life has FLOWN by.

November was an awesome month..went to West Coast Conference...had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our families.

December went by so fast it was unbelievable. Christmas came and went so quickly it almost doesnt seem right. I love the feeling of holidays!

SO, as I look back over the last year, all I can say is God you have been so undeservingly good to my family!


Jana McVay said...

WOW....look what I started...LOL Love your 2006 in a glance!!! Wish I had thunk of that!! But, yeah, what a year!!! SOOO glad lil miss T made it here safe and sound and that life is getting back to normal soon!!!

Love ya my friend....let's see if we can actually have at least ONE post for every month in 2007!!! LOL

Brooke Morgan said...

This is great!! :) Now let's see if you can keep it current!!!! LOL!

Hope you had a great Christmas!

Love ya!


Katie Booker said...

Thank you Brooke and Jana! I too hope I can keep it up to date..at least once a month. I can GUARANTEE that I won't be updating every day...life is WAAAAYYY to insane for that.
Love you both!

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