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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More of My Kids

Since I've slacked a bit on my blogging I decided to put some more pictures of my kids on here.


Jana McVay said...

Oh My!! What sweeties they are!! Goodness, Trys is getting bigger all the time and I LOVE her little toothy grin!! Logan is soooo handsome!!! Look out world here they come!!
auntie J

Ronda Hurst said...


Auntie Holly said...

This is NOT an accurate representation of the gorgeous little girl who is Trystan M. Booker! While she is BEEEUTIFUL in her own right, she is never seen in public without her hairbow. She wears only the best - which have been lovingly handcrafted to match her darling outfits.

She is yummilicious! And, her bright eyes and contagious smile only make her even more irrisistible.

I'm sort of smitten...