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Monday, July 9, 2007


Well life has once again taken me away from my blogging world for a while! But I am back today to give a little update on what is going on with us!!!

The kids are doing great. Logan is getting so big..I can't believe he is already 6 years old and going into 1st grade.He is mommy's boy!!! Its sad yet exciting to see him turning into such a wonderful little "big" boy!
Trystan is my pride and joy...she is 9 months old now, has 6 teeth and crawling EVERYWHERE...She says Dada...Mama...and byebye..and she started clapping on her own tonite.

Phillip and I have been on weight watchers now for almost 4 months...I have lost 32 lbs..but Phillip has lost 87 lbs...He is doing INCREDIBLE!!!!! Everyone here is just AMAZED at how awesome he is doing!


Well my parents have taken on quite an adventure and started a business. In December Dad quit his job at Thermo King..(he worked there for 28 years). They have opened up a Maaco Auto Collision and Repair. It just opened officially last week and they will have their HUGE grand opening in August. It is so exciting for them!!! Dad is so happy and mom LOVES going down there after she leaves from working at the church.

David and Steph are doing GREAT!!!! They aren't on the bandwagon for kiddos yet..but they sure do love mine!! They will be great parents when they do decide to have kids!

The Booker clan is doing well. We have 3 grandkids in the family and 2 more on the way. Larry and Sarah have Natalya and are expecting their second one in January. Joel and Erica are expecting their first in January as well. Its exciting to see the family growing!

Well thats about all I have for now!! =) At least it gets me off the hook for a while lol!!!

Love you all and thank you for taking the time to read my blog!!


Amy Miller-Steinberg said...

It's good to see you back! I love reading your blog, and it's encouraging to hear about your weight loss progress! Your babies are beautiful!

Karla said...

Katie - glad to hear y'all are alive and well! LOL The weight loss report is AWESOME!! Congratulations to you both. And congrats to your parents as well.

Auntie Holly said...

YEAH! A new post! It's a happy day. You look like one HOT MAMMA! Seriously, you are beeeutiful. Oh - and your kids are cute too.

I think your next post should include the word PINK!

Love you & your family,


Ronda Hurst said...

WOW!!! I am so happy for you and Phillip. Congrats on the weight loss!
I'm so proud for Gary and Juanita too. That's awesome!
Logan and Trystan are still beautiful. I love the pic of Logan praying. That's precious!
Don't be gone so long this time.
Love you!