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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Water, Waves, SPLASH and McClintocks!!!

This weekend was AWESOME! We went up to Pismo Beach on Thursday Evening and came home Saturday Evening.
We had a GREAT time.
Thursday night we met Jason Skarda for dinner at The QuarterDeck.
Friday morning we all woke up at 6 am. UGH!!

Phillip went off fishing at Lopez Lake and I took the kids to breakfast!

My mom came down to meet us around 11:30 Friday morning and we headed STRAIGHT to Splash Cafe, of course!!!!

After that we took the kids down to play in the sand and water! It was so much fun!!
Logan had a BLAST digging for shells and clams.
He found some clams and came back and said, "Mom, I found these clams for dad. That way you can cook them and send them in his lunch." lol...kids are GREAT!

On Friday night we went to dinner at McClintocks...it was YUMMY!!!

Saturday Phillip woke up at 5 and headed out to Avila Beach to do some more fishing.

Mom and I took the kids to breakfast and then mom had to head home!

I took the kids shopping until Phillip was done fishing around 2 and then we took Logan back out to the beach to try out his new surf board. He LOVED it...he thought he was a pretty big boy out there "surfing".

Enjoy the pictures!


Karla said...

Looks like a total blast!! I love Pismo. And let me add - you and Phillip look incredible!!! WOW!!

Jana McVay said...

Awwwww, how fun! Your mom looks like she was enjoying those grandbabies. Glad you guys had such a great time! I loved the pic of Trys on Log's back!!!!! She is growing up WAY too fast! Logan is too! Next time, bring me some Splash!!! LOL

SheGazelle said...

No fair.
We are suffering vacation withdrawals, so looking at Pismo pics is especially rough!

Katie Booker said...

Thanks for posting...Pismo was beautiful! And thanks!! We are really working on it =)

The kids did have a blast. It was beautiful and a lot of fun!

I'm so sorry =) You guys shoulda come and bunked with us..haha
But its kinda nice when ur husband has been saving up his blow money and working extra jobs for a trip he really wanted to go on and you can just tag along..hee hee. Works out great =)

SheGazelle said...

cheater. :-P

becky said...

I love the beach. I am having a tantrum along with shegazelle. Wish I was there. I enjoy your blog also. You guys are really looking GOOOOD. Keep it up. Does Phillip eat the fish that he catches? If so don't I repeat Don't let him take in for lunch and put it on the dash in a baggie. That would be very Very BAD. HAHA Keep up the blog. Becky

Katie Booker said...

Thanks for stopping by! And thank you for the compliment...Yes we DO eat the fish that Phillip catches but I DO NOT ALLOW the Fabulous "Dashboard Fish" lol..that would just be toooo much!

Amy Miller-Steinberg said...

Oh my gosh, you both look absolutely fantastic! You must feel so proud to accomplish so much, and feel so good! Your babies are beautiful, and they are lovely pictures!

Deanna said...

Hey Katie- Thanks for stopping by our blog. Love yours, I have been reading yours for a couple of months now. Just never commented. Your kids are adorable too!! By the way congrats on the weight loss. Hope to hear from you again soon.

PJ said...

Jealous...very jealous...

Surfing...not good at it, but I LOVE it!

At any rate, sounds like you all had a FANTASTIC time!

I'd think, though, that Phillip being the technofile that he is, could set the date on the camera to something a little closer to the actual date! lol...

And, for the record...I CAN'T imagine shegazelle "giddy" and screaming on the radio. I CAN, on the other hand, imagine her throwing a tantrum...I can EASILY imagine that!

At any rate, we love the blog!

Katie Booker said...

Well I can't put the blame on Phillip for the dates. Its my camera, and I let the batteries die so when I put new ones in I didnt want to waste my time changing dates and all cuz I was afraid I would miss a good photo op! The date is fixed now tho =)

AFA, Mr & Mrs Gazelle...yes the tantrum sounds about right...lol

Ronda Hurst said...

You guys look great and happy. Juanita looks like she is totally in "heaven". Logan's really good on that surf board, huh? lol and Trystan's a doll.
Love you!

SheGazelle said...

I come over here to find the Gazelles are being eaten alive!


Katie Booker said...

Awww..You know we love you Gazelles...
We were just kidding.
The "tantrum" is just from your post about Pismo...lol!

Feel the love....

Anonymous said...


Is that you in the third picture down from the top with your back to the camera?

Katie Booker said...


HAHAHAHAHAHA Not hardly!!!!!

Please reveal yourself tho...I'd love to know who you are.

Anonymous said...


I am talking about the lady in the black and green one piece on the left. Tell the truth now. Did you get that suit from wal mart?

Katie Booker said...


And NO that is not me....but the suit came from Kmarx =)