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Monday, September 17, 2007


Logan "The Corn Head" at the LA County Fair

Sorry I have been so bad about posting! I have been going crazy these last few weeks. I think my car has a weird demon inside of it because every weekend it is determined to drive to Fresno. I kind of get the feeling we will be driving there again this weekend.

Holly, Trys and I at Lake Arrowhead

Friday Holly and I loaded up and went to Lake Arrowhead to go shopping for all kinds of stuff! I bought 3 GORGEOUS dresses for Trystan from a boutique there.
We enjoyed walking around all of the shops in the BEAUTIFUL weather!!!
Being right there on the lake was WONDERFUL!
We ate lunch at a killer Thai restaurant..(a first for me..and WOW was it YUMMY!!)
Holly and I ALWAYS have a blast when we are together!

I did have a weekend at home this past Friday and Saturday and it was quite enjoyable!

Friday night we went to the Clarks church anniversary services and it was very very good!

Trystan, Logan and Natalya at the Clarks Church

The LA County Fair is in town right now and I have already went twice. We are planning to go again on Thursday. (Thank God for $5 after 5 pm...it fits in our blow money that way)

Trystan "The Hot Dog On A Stick" at the LA County Fair

Today Phillip had a slow day at work so him and I spent the day together. He took me driving at the golf course. I think I might just take up golfing.
I did HORRIBLE...but it was alot of fun. Phillip, Caleb Dillon, Preston and Jarron Brown and various others from our church get together and play golf alot and they are always bugging me to go with them. ( I think its just so they will have someone that plays worse than them and for comic relief) So, who knows, after lots of practice maybe I will go!

Logan is LOVING 1st Grade. The first week of school his teacher had them get in reading groups and read. She told the class that Logan was the fastest reader. That made him feel really good..and HONESTLY he is an UNBELIVABLE reader. I'm blown away by how much he can sound out. "Hooked on Phonics" is working for him!

Trystan will be the big "1" in just a few short weeks. We are planning a birthday party for her next weekend. It will be a lot of fun!!! I got creative and made her a pink and yellow tulle tutu skirt. I also found her a pink princess crown. She is going to be a DOLL!!! I'm sure I will have a million pictures to post of that!

Phillip is doing EXTREMELY well with his diet...he has now lost 117 lbs and look FABULOUS!!!! I'm so very proud of him! Keep it up, Honey, you are doing AWESOME!!!

Phillips dropping the pounds!!!

So, that is what has been going on in my life lately!
Fun Fun!

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