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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pictures You Don't See Very Often

Honestly people, are these pictures real?

I'm going to copy PJ a little bit here and ask for your help!

I am posting these pictures and I'm asking you all to send me your captions.
Click on the link to the right!

I'm going to do this until Monday.

Tuesday I will post all of the captions for each picture and have you, as my wonderful readers, cast your votes.

Each winner for each picture will receive a prize!!

Have fun and lets get started!


SheGazelle said...

Since the contest is thru today, and mine is the only post here, I WIN! It doesn't even matter that I give you lame captions!
Just don't send my prize via FedEx or UPS...
My caption of course is for the last picture:
The answer to the question: What can Brown do for you?

Katie Booker said...

Actually I had others Email me their captions...Sorry =)

SheGazelle said...

Guess that means I don't win a yard of "double ruffle" ribbon...

Katie Booker said...

Nope It just means you win a night of free babysitting both of my kids. (Any food eaten during the middle or accidents done in your bed are not my responsibility!)

SheGazelle said...

Um...hegazelle says I'm not allowed to enter your contests. I guess that means I forfeit my prize.
Thanks anyway.