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Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas, Christmas Time is Here!

I have been very bad about posting lately. It seems like everytime I finally climb in bed (which is where I usually do most of my blogging) I end up falling asleep before I can post anything new!

The other night Phillip and I and the kids did our house decorating. We had a lot of fun. We dug out every box that we have ever had that contains Christmas decor in it. Thankfully we only found 2 black widows and 1 dead mouse in our garage. The 2 spiders decided to come into the house to get warm but they were properly disposed of! The poor little mouse was dead before we could KILL it ourselves! =)
I'm posting pictures so you all can enjoy our wonderful family night!

Last Sunday morning Logan starred in our kids Christmas play, Bows of Holly!
He was Mayor Poindexter! What a cutie pie he was! He looks SMASHING in his suit! He was so nervous to do his part. When he walked out he looked like he was going to faint! He was shaking so bad! Poor Baby!

As far as my Christmas shopping...I am doing HORRIBLE this year! I have bought all of 2 gifts! And I bought those MONTHS ago! Hopefully next week I get "In Gear" and do the rest!

And the last NEW thing happening here..... TRYSTAN IS FINALLY WALKING!!!!! For reals this time! My house is no longer safe!


Jana McVay said...

I TOTALLY identify with the lack of progress regarding the purchase of gifts for Christmas. I am WAY ahead of you though!!! I did a lot of online shopping! LOL

Love the pics of the kids and YEAH Trys!!! The pics of Logan as Mayor don't show his nervousness at all!!

Merry Christmas and Best wishes for the New Year!!!

Linda Elms said...

It looks like ya'll had a good time decorating the house and making memories! Everything looks nice!

PJ said...

Strange. I would have expected Phillip to have a more horrified look on his face in that picture...

Katie Booker said...

May your eye ever be frozen in "SURPRISED" look! =)

Vonney said...

Katie! How in the world are you? I haven't seen you and your family in so long - (I think since Bible Quizzing Days)! Your children are absolutely DARLING! I am sure you hear this all the time but Logan has gorgeous eyes! Will you and Phillip be at No Limits this March?
Glad I stumbled upon your blog! It's good to see you and your family doing so well!
Love ya!
Yvonne Villanueva