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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter???

As most of you know, and if you didn't know this you will in a second, I puke VERY VERY easily and violently while I am pregnant.
Tonight was no exception! The only difference was..Trystan was watching me. After I was done throwing up Trystan decided to copy me.
Luckily we caught it on video!


Note: The video clips that come up after my clip are not related to us in any way. I would advise not to click on them unless you are sure of what they will bring up!


Jana McVay said...

Wow! She is so talented! LOL
I hope you santized her little cutsie fingers after she played in the toilet water! YUCK!
I loved, just loved, listening to you "gag"! Thanks, made my day!

Katie Booker said...

Don't worry..she didn't touch the water..I stopped her in time!
And I wasn't really gagging...I definitely WOULD NOT let that be posted on video...lol!
Glad I could "make ur day"

Karen Hopper said...

Trystan is adorable and what a character. I remember you at this age - how time flies. Please take care. Love you.

Vonney said...

Haha.. What a great post! Your Trystan is so cute! Sydney tried playing in the toilet for her first time the other day too.. Good thing it was right after I cleaned it with bleach. What is it about toilet water that fascinates children? lol