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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Name Our Baby

So Phillip and I seem to be having a really hard time coming up with a name for our little guy that is going to be coming into this world sooner rather than later.
We thought we had a name picked out but now it just doesn't seem to fit.
I'm asking for HELP!!!!

A few things that we are up against is this:
1. Both of our kids names end in "an" (Logan and Trystan) therefore...do we need to continue on with the "an" theme??
2. We both like the idea of going with something totally different and being a little more traditional...like Max, for instance.
3. We can't agree on ANYTHING!!!

So please, my wonderful readers, give me your ideas!! (Wacky or normal...they are all welcomed!)


Phillip said...

How about Bob?

Karla said...

Landon (or Landan)
Carlin (or Carlan)

Just some ideas. What do I win if you choose one of my names? LOL!!

Monica Hassas said...

Congratulations on Baby Booker #3! I vote for Jackson. (I just had a baby boy and his middle name is Jackson.) My hubby and I could not agree on names either. When he suggested Jackson, I fell in love. Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to name our first Keegan, but my husband laughed...

Jessica Carnegie said...

How about...



This is Jessica Carnegie (Albrecht) by the way. :o) Phillip will remember who I am. I am married (almost 3 years now) and living in cold Canada. Good luck with your baby names! Your children are beautiful! God Bless!

Amy St. Pierre said...

If we have a boy, we are thinking Ethan. We have a Logan too as you know, so we liked the an ending too. Nolan...

Misha said...

I would suggest going to www.behindthename.com And look into names from all over the world. They give the etymology and that might help you to decide!
I go to Bishop Wilson's church in Sac

Katie Booker said...

I love you more than anything....but Bob just won't work dear =)

We have little Ethan, Ian and Landon all in our church right now. We are going thru a HUGE baby boom so alot of the names are taken. Honestly I think we have 40 kids under 2 that are born or will be born by the end of this year. There is at least 6 of us pregnant right now.
I definitely like Carlan. Gonna have to present it before the "board" =)
Love ya

Katie Booker said...

Monica, Bethany & Jessica,
All VERY cute names...I will present these before the "board" as well.

Nolan is the exact name that we had picked out but that just isn't seeming to strike my fancy anymore. Who knows tho...maybe that will end up being his name afterall.

Thanks for the website. I will go there.
I look at your blogs often. I love reading about your little guy. He is adorable!
Thanks for stopping by.

hermom said...

I was going to suggest Jackson or just Jack. I love that name, but I have 3 girls! So, I'm with Monica. Definitely Jackson or just Jack. Congratulations!

(I am from the Weidner's church.)

Joni said...

Personally, I think Joni Ayn would be a great name:) Of course that's just my opinion. I love you guys and I know you will come up with something great!!

Becky said...

I am with you Katie "Bob" just dose not cut it. No offense Dad,It's the perfect name for you. I won't even began to give name ideas. Look what I named my son. P.I.G. Jr. Looking forward to your choice.

Anonymous said...

My son's name is Lanceyn (pronounced Lan-son) I have yet to meet anyone by that name or that same spelling. Just trying to keep it rollin'!

PJ said...

PJ, in my opinion, is the best choice, hands down.

Or, if you're intent on sticking with the "an" theme, PJan works too (although it certainly doesn't have the same melodic ring as PJ).

Lozano Family said...

Hello Katie - I found your blog - umm - duh. Yeah, anyways, all things considered, church baby boom included, I think it might be worth while to go with the trend - try 'Little Phillip'. There are a few little boys whose parents apparently got lazy and just named their sons after their dads. Just a thought..........
I enjoyed Phillip's post as well, and it was quite comforting as I can certainly identify with it.
And I still have the ever growing pile of clothes that I need to give to your unnamed child..........

Jana McVay said...

Wylan, Rowan, Kentan (Kenton), Keegan, Corban, Conan, NOLAN...
Just a few suggestions. Personally, Bobban (Bob) would be a great name...LOL You go Phillip!

Good luck!

*cHrIsS* said...

"Christian" Ends in "an" and has a nice ring to it! You could call him "Chris", which, I think, is a LOVELY name. I am a "C"! I am a "C-H"! I am a "C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N"! (Or in my case, "N-A"! =D)

*cHrIsS* said...

I just had an epiphany! "Nathan"! No, not as in Lindsey... LOL Nobody names their kid "Nathan" any more and I think, (for REAL), that it's a great name! Anyway, I know you'll probably think it's weird, like me, but what-evah!

Rachel Roberts said...

I've never been a fan of "frilly" names for boys... if you know what I mean. :o) Our other picks before choosing "Levi" were, Max, Jackson and Marshall. I especially like Max. Good luck picking!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Or how about Cayden? When we had a baby boom a few years ago we had a Jayden, Cayden, and Hayden all at the same time--that was nice and confusing!

Anonymous said...

Well, You have Arran, Adrian but I personally like Clayton Eugene, Matthew Marshall. I didn't use them because I ended up naming him after his daddy.

VIcki Brown said...

I like Jarron, which means to sing or shout aloud - oh sooo true!!

I also like Preston, which means from the Priest's doman. If he's going to be a preacher go for the Preston Booker! Nice ring to it, huh?

Love you guys!

Gavin said...

I was thinking along the lines of Gavan...

laura flores said...

I like Carlan :D

Jarron said...

How bout.....JARRON!!! yes????

Jarron said...

I just noticed my mom's post.lol

here's the "-an" names of guys in my family that I can think of at the moment:
Clayton, Edwin, Gordon, Haydn, Jarron, Justin, Loren, Nathan, Preston, Ryan

London Booker sounds good. (I really like that one)
Stanley Booker sounds good too. (another big family name)

Achan...haha just kidding. get it? like in the Bible?

I'll add more later when I can think of some.

HAHA.... Call it Quits....ROFL!!! get it?