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Monday, May 12, 2008

I don't deserve such good treatment!!!

Well it has been exactly 2 weeks today that I have been on permanent bedrest. I can't belive I am going through this whole thing AGAIN! It seems like just yesterday I was on bedrest and pregnant with Trystan.
I could totally feel sorry for myself and do the whole "Oh poor me..I have to lay in bed for 6 more weeks." but the person (people) who I really feel sorry for is: Phillip, Logan and Trystan.

I dont even know where to start on how much Phillip and Logan have taken care of me these last 2 weeks. They are SO unbelievable. Phillip gets up in the morning and makes sure I have breakfast of some sort & water to drink. When Logan gets up,he gets ready for school and then him and daddy clean up the dishes from the night before. Logan loads the dishwasher and starts it all by himself. Phillip cleans the kitchen and any other part of the house that might have things laying around. Then Phillip & Logan are off to work and school. If Phillip has a full day ahead of him, then he has arranged for someone to take care of Trystan all day until he can get home. If he doesn't have many calls then I usually take care of her until he can get back home and then he is off running errands and he takes her with him.
At 2:30, Logan gets out of school. Either Phillip picks him up or he has it arranged with Papa and Nana to get him.
By the time Phillip gets home it is about time for dinner and he goes straight to the kitchen to start making stuff. He has made some VERY GOOD dinners. After we all eat, Logan and daddy go and straighten up the kitchen. (Trystan usually tries to unload the dishwasher as fast as Phillip and Logan try to load it.)
Lately Phillip has been on a kick of making our backyard look beautiful. He has been working on getting our sprinkler system up and running. He spent all day Saturday doing that and now it all works! Today he went and bought tons of seeds for flowers and vegetables and him and Logan are going to plant them this week. My backyard is gonna be beautiful by the time I get off bedrest!

Phillip has GOT to be exhausted and yet his main concern is making sure I am ok.

Phillip and Logan BOTH are on my case all the time. If I get out of bed either one or both of them will say.."Where are you going" and if I am going ANYWHERE besides the bathroom I am DEAD MEAT!! They get EVERYTHING for me. If I need a water, if I want a different book, whatever it is that I need they get it for me.

I have the most AWESOME husband,son and daughter in the whole world!!! God couldn't have put 3 better people in my life. It makes me feel so special the way they take care of me.

How am I ever going to repay them???????


Jarron said...

how bout free golf for a year?lol need help cleanin house? haha

HG said...

You will repay them with a healthy baby brother & son!

You are truly blessed!