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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One Dr's Appt Down....Many More to go!!!

Well today I had a doctor's appointment with a specialist because "Supposedly" I'm not gaining enough weight. I've gained 5lbs so far and my regular doctor wasn't too happy with that. (I'm THRILLED!!!)
So after waiting in the waiting room with 50 thousand other pregnant ladies for about 45 minutes I was finally called back.
When I went in they started asking me why I was there ect. I told them poor weight gain and preterm labor. They asked if I was on any meds and I told them yes. When I told her what I was on, she said, "Oh wow...they aren't messing around with your labor." I guess that meant I was on a pretty high dose of meds. (I KNEW there was a reason why I've been acting like I have lol.)
She then proceeded to tell me that from now on, I have to go into their office 2 times a week to be put on the monitor (Stress Test). This dr's office is at least 25 minutes from my house...UGH!!!!
But on to the good news...
From all my calculations I have figured that I am 32 weeks today. It's always been kind of "sketchy" as far as the REAL due date but I've kinda tried to stay in the middle of the numbers.
When they started the ultrasound she said..."Well, you are farther than we thought. You will be 33 weeks TOMORROW!!!" That is AWESOME news for someone counting the days on bedrest!!!
She also told me that "Little Man" weighs 4lbs and 9 oz. INCREDIBLE!!!
So all in all...I'd say today has been a good day!

Enjoy the pics of our little man below. I know they are hard to determine what you are looking at...but be creative...let me know what you think it is. I like the guys answers on these kind of things...They always come up with funny stuff!

PS....The "Belly Shots" are for you HG! love ya


Vonney said...

Stress testing! AUGHH I remember that with Jace. Not fun! But the bright side is you only have less than 7 weeks! (: Good luck on this last leg!
PS. He looks like a healthy little boy!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for you! He looks very, ah, handsome?

Erica Rose said...

Yeah, I so remember going through all of that too.. It was quite.... Stressing, needless to say. HEHEH Aww you look so cute Katie! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever! Trys sits with me sometimes in church and starts callin for her "mama" and I feel heartbroken for her!! But most of all I am glad baby is healthy!!!

HG said...

YEAH!!! I love "him" already. "Little Man Booker" has a nice ring to it - fits right in with our neighborhood :)

Hang in there my friend, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter! We want a FAT, HEALTHY baby! No scrawny babies round here. So - lay down & relax mama, keep this bun in the oven as long as you possibly can.

Auntie HG

Amy St. Pierre said...

It is frustrating, this weight thing! I am 22 weeks with my twins and have only gained 3 pounds, and they were starting to ooh and ah over that, and I was jumpng up and down for joy! Both are healthy so they can't complain!!! Hang in there, you are almost done! He's beautiful!

Jarron said...

i think it looks like a little baby boy

preston brown said...

It looks like a strapping young specimen! lol

Melissa said...

I love the picture where "little man" is looking right into the 'camera'! Already hamming it up. Typical little boy! lol You look really cute, too. Good luck on the rest of the pregnancy.

Rachel Roberts said...

Only 5lbs in 33 weeks? Wow! You're a lucky lady! I gained pretty much all my weight in the third trimester. I was getting a little scared near the end cuz every time I went to the Dr the scale jumped another 5 or 7 pounds. lol!

Good luck with all the Drs appts!

Jana McVay said...

You look great! We miss you at ILC!
"little booker man" looks...like a black and white ultrasound picture that never truly looks like what he will turn out to be...which is gorgeous...I mean come on, his big brother and sister are both gorgeous kids, as are his parents! (Well, you and Phillip are adults...LOL)

Glad to hear you are farther along that previously thought! Hang in there and eat some chips, cookies, you know, all those healthy things while you kick it propped up on your pillows with your laptop!

Love ya!

P.S. Hey, look at the bright side of all those biweekly stress tests, you get OUT of the house for a little while!!!

SheGazelle said...

Twice a week? What part of permanent bedrest doesn't this dr. understand?