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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life Is Good...

Well, alot has happened in the last couple of days. I came home on Saturday, with empty arms, but IT'S OK. Our little guy is getting better and better each day.
Saturday after I got home was VERY VERY rough. I was exhausted, physically and emotionally.
Sunday rolled around and I felt MUCH better. Logan went to church with Nana for Family Day and Mud Football. Phillip, Dad, Mom, Trystan and I went to visit Riley.
After we spent some time with him, we went and had lunch. I begged, pleaded, promised and just about did whatever I could to get Phillip to let me go watch Logan play Mud Football. Finally he gave in, and I got to sit and watch my baby. It was SO worth it.
Monday Trystan woke up throwning up VIOLENTLY! It was very very bad. She was such a sick baby. We dropped her and Logan off at Nana's house and Mom and I ran to the hospital to see Riley. Poor Trystan just kept getting worse. Finally Mom and I came home and got her and Logan. She was a very very sick little girl!
I called her dr and they gave me a whole diet change for her.
If you kids are ever sick with throwing up & other nastiness...you HAVE to try this.
One tsp of heavy syrup from a can of peaches or other fruit every 15 minutes. NOTHING else!!! Then after 2 hours, if that is able to be kept down then you can add an oz of water, pedialite or gatorade every 15 min. NO DAIRY!
You do that ALL day long with NOTHING to eat!
After that day has passed and everything is kept down then you can offer as much to drink as wanted and start with half a cracker or a piece of banana. Still NO DAIRY!
And so on..until the sickness is over.
IT WORKS!!! It is AMAZING! My baby is feeling SOOOO much better today!
And we are barely on the liquids day!
Thank you Jesus!
Today, Tuesday, we are dropping the kids off again with Nana so that we can go continue the nursing battle with little Riley. It's actually not a battle..he's doing good...but just learning the ropes!
I get my staples out today too...OH MAN!!! I do not like this! When I had Trystan, one of the staples was put in crooked and would not come out..it was aaawwwfffuuulllll!!! =)
Hopefully today will be better!

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for our family! God has been so good to us. He has protected us in so many ways! (Riley could have been born too soon, My uterus could have ruptured..killing Riley and threatening my life(more on that later), helping the rest of us not to get the flu and pass it on to Riley, etc.)
All of your prayers are appreciated and felt!

Please continue to visit our family website
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Phillip is doing a great job at adding pictures and commentary about our life.


Anonymous said...

It was a blessing to me to come in and read your posting this morning. I saw t he words "Life is Good" and so it is because God is good. So glad things are getting better there. We are praying for you and yours. You have fought a good fight.

We love y ou all so much.
Take care,
Nama and Poppy

Anonymous said...

We have found out about all you and your family have been going through, and have been praying. We are Happy to hear that all is going better with Gods help and we hope and pray that Little Riley is able to come Home soon. You will continue to be in our Prayers.

Jason, Shelly and Boys

Deanna said...

Congratulations! on your HANDSOME little man!

Melissa said...

Katie, I just finished reading Phillip's blog about Riley's homecoming. What great (awseome, wonderful, etc.) news! And the pictures are precious. We will keep the little one in our prayers, and pray, too, that the nasty flu bug does not continue to make its rounds at your house. God is truly Great and Greatly to be Praised!

Kathy McElhaney said...

I just checked Phillip's website and was so happy to see that Riley is now home with the rest of you! He's so darling (as are your other two!)

Love ya!

Karen Hopper said...

God is Good. Praying nothing but positive things for you and your family from here on out. Do take care Katie, and let your loved ones pamper you. Remember, the pampering won't last long - take advantage. lol Love you.

stacy.magic33 said...

he's such a cutie!! :)