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Monday, July 14, 2008

Newport Beach

This last weekend I got a wild hair (Which I do quite often) and decided we needed to get away and go to the beach.
I booked us a room on Priceline and got a KILLER deal on a room at the Hyatt on the Harbor of Newport Beach. Priceline's asking price was $230 a night for a room there. I did the "name your own price" thingy and got the room for $90. We were VERY excited about this price....until we pulled up and realized they were going to charge us $27 for Valet Parking or $19 to park it yourself. Then you have to have a bellboy or bell"person" deliver your luggage to your room because the rooms are down 15 flights of stairs. So after you tip the bell"person" & the valet..Priceline doesn't quite seem to give you a good deal! =)
But, we did have a blast! The kids LOVED the water and the sand...Logan "surfed" for a couple of hours...and Trystan had fun digging in the sand and running out into the water! Riley was held by mommy the whole time!
I'm posting some pictures of the kids at the beach! Enjoy!!!

Also, you will notice the last 3 pictures are of carpet with some weird white powder poured all over it. Last night we were at the Booker's house with Bro. Marty Ballestaro, The Marxers, The Browns, The Berriers and all us Bookers. The kids were wild..the adults were getting a bit bothered by all the little screaming children..and Trystan decided to put on a show. She grabbed baby Elayna's baby cereal..and decided to dump the WHOLE box out on Nana's floor! At the same time, Riley decided he wanted to eat RIGHT NOW!!! So poor Phillip had to clean up the cereal while I took care of Riley!
Needless to say...that is our life with Trystan. There is never a dull moment.


Jana McVay said...

Trystan is very creative! She created a "smiley face" out of Elayna's cereal!! LOL Looks like you had a blast at the beach....as Bro. Ballestero would say, "you go girl!" HAHAHAHA

Melissa said...

Your life with Trystan sounds a lot like my life with Denae (with Dallas thrown in just to make it even MORE interesting lol). Kids you gotta love (I think its the law! haha)

Vonney said...

Trystan is ADORABLE! lol Looks like you guys had a blast at Newport Beach! I am jealous! I love that area! My husband and I try to go down there at least 3 times per year! Capitola is great too! (:

Jarron said...

awesome stuff.

Erica Rose said...

LOL I see my feet!!! The pink and white socks! LOL... That was funny, here I was sitting there looking at Riley, and then someone starts yelling to get Trystan!!! Poor Trys was so tired though, lol so I would let her off the hook :oP

Rachel & Aaron Roberts said...

The picture of Logan grinning, sitting on the luggage ~ He looks like a mini version of Bro. Booker!!

Looks like a fun time!


stacy.magic33 said...

hey! i went to new port to lol,Trystans so cute!:)

SheGazelle said...

All you weekend beach goers...lucky ducks!
Ya know, one of these days we're gonna get to go on vacation...