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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am ALIVE!!!

I really do feel horrible about not posting for so long. Our lives have been crazy busy lately!
We just got home from PEAK in Tulsa, OK and WOW...it was an INCREDIBLE meeting!
We left on Monday evening at 5:00 pm from Ontario airport. Our friends, Patrick and Holly, were so kind to drop us off at the airport! We met up with Joel, Erica and Trenton to fly on Xjet. If you have ever been on Xjet you know how TINY these planes are. On one side of the plane there is one seat and across from that there is two seats. It has to be the tinest plane ever! We were very brave and took all 3 of our kids with us to PEAK (how could we not tho'..this was a moment in history)
Logan was great on the flight...Riley was great on the flight..Trenton was great on the flight...Trystan...was..well...WILD on the flight =). Thankfully the flight attendant sat us in the very back of the plane. Phillip and I switched off and on with the 2 little ones. Our flight was 3 hours long and it was QUITE an experience trying to keep Trystan happy! She was tired but she RARELY takes naps with someone holding her. She usually is laid down and she falls asleep on her own.
Needless to say she did not fall asleep the whole flight. UGH!
We arrived in Tulsa at 11:00 pm Tulsa Time.
Tuesday was a very long day of getting all the quizzing stuff in order for the nationals.
Tuesday night was orientation. My wonderful honey was the quiz master for the Senior division and he did a WONDERFUL job!!! I was so proud of him. He worked SOOO very hard Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It was NOT a vacation for him at all!
Wednesday morning started quizzing. Phillip was busy with quizzing from 8 am til 7 pm that nite. I went to church by myself that night while he did stats for the next day.
Thursday morning was quizzing and service. Thursday night was service but Phillip didn't get back to the hotel til 7:30 and Trystan wasn't feeling good so we didn't go to that service. After service was over I was really bummed we didn't go because I heard it was INCREDIBLE!!!
Friday was the finals. Friday night was the awards ceremony at 7 and church started at 7:30.
All of the services were INDESCRIBABLE!!! Bro. Jason Calhoun preached the day services and Bro. Cody Marks preached the night services.
God visited Tulsa every single service!!
I can't wait til next year!

On Saturday we spent the day with my mother-in-law's side of the family.
We got to Uncle Gary and Aunt Delores Howard's house around 4:00.
There was QUITE a houseful there when we arrived.
Kids, Grandkids, Grandma's, Grandpa's, Mom's, Dad's, Aunt's, Uncle's...everyone was there!
We had a good time!
Our trip ended Sunday at 3:00 when we boarded our plane and headed back to California!
All 3 of the kids did good on the flight home!

So glad to be back home!!!
Enjoy the pictures..and hopefully I will start doing a little better again!

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Amy St. Pierre said...

Hey Katie! Glad you are alive and well, missed ya! My twins were born while you were absent, lol, early, 33 weeks, but doing really well, thank God! You can keep updated on my blog, hopefully they will becoming home soon! Your kids are beautiful and growing up so fast!