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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Girls Night Out!!!

Well last night we FINALLY had a well OVER DUE Girls Night out!
Holly, Kim, Maureen and I (and Riley) all met at Holly's house at 4:30 Tuesday afternoon and piled in the van to head to Pasadena. We were on our way to one of the best places to eat...The Melting Pot!!! YUMMY!
We have been there a couple of times before and we usually just order a couple of different cheeses and a couple of different chocolates, but last night we got the full 4 course meal. It was actually REALLY good! The last Tuesday of every month The Melting Pot does a "Girls Night Out" and they have drawings, give away goodie bags, etc. Well...Maureen won one of the prizes of the drawings..She got a $50 Gift Certificate for The Melting Pot! What an AWESOME winning!
After we ate we went shopping at all the cool stores down in Downtown Pasadena.
There is Z Gallerie, H&M, GAP, Pottery Barn, PinkBerry, Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrell, etc.
We had an ABSOLUTE blast talking, eating, laughing, being crazy, etc!
I'm so thankful for such good friends!!!
I love you all very much!

(We missed you, Jana)


Jana McVay said...

I am glad you all missed me but I don't think my sick carcass would have been a great addition to the party!

Looks like you had a blast, as usual. The 4 course meal? You must have been stuffed to the gills with fondue by the end! LOL

Zgallerie!!! Oh, that is an awesome store! Did you go by the flashy window (at the mall)? LOL

We have to go again! And I refuse to be sick (or poor LOL) next time!!!

HG said...

WHAT is that? A shrimp on the floor? How did it get there? WHY is a shrimp on the floor?

Thanks for a really fun "Girls Night Out" - I had a blast. LOVE being with my girlfriends.