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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Yesterday was my dad's 50th birthday. I didn't post a blog on his birthday because I was so busy getting stuff ready for a SUPRISE trip up to Fresno for his party after church last night.
My mom planned a birthday party for dad after service on Wednesday night. With it being a week day we told them that we wouldn't be able to make it for the party. With Logan in school and Phillip's work and all....BUT, we are also known for making suprise visits for each other!
My parents have shown up for several different occassions at our church without letting us know....so it was time to pay them back.
I packed and got stuff ready Wednesday morning, car washed, vaccumed, house cleaned, snacks and drinks packed for the trip, and picked Logan up from school at 2:30. We met Phillip back at the house and headed out at around 3:15. We pulled in to Truth Tabernacle at 7:30. I had to get all 3 kids dressed for church in our car because we were running late.
We were supposed to go to David and Stephanie's (and baby Barnes) house to get dressed but with running so far behind schedule we just did the quick change in the car!
When we got to church we had to ask the usher to make room for us on the pew with my parents and the Baglins. They were all VERY shocked when we walked in.
Dad's party was quite a $UCCE$$ =)
Mom made KILLER desserts!!!
And Phillip was QUITE the worker bee...running around helping get everything set up and torn down.
All I could manage to do was SPILL a ton of stuff. Don't quite know what was wrong with me, but I was butterfingers!!!

Sadly, we didn't take ANY pictures...I am so bummed about that!
But just take it from me...as a good friend once said...My Dad makes 50 look GOOD!!!

I love you so much!
You are the BEST dad in the whole world.
I could get very sappy and make everyone cry...but I will leave that for Nama and Mom =)
I am so proud to call you my dad.
You have been a great example of what a dad should be, both in life and in church!
I couldn't ask for a better Grandpa for my kids!!!!
We all love you so much and we are so glad we could be there last night!


Kathy McElhaney said...

Happy Birthday, Gary! As Rod told our grandmother when she turned 50 - You're half a hundred!!

Katie, glad you all got to surprise him.

iluv2prshim said...

Gary, Happy Birthday! You caught up with me. Can you believe we are old now? :) Hope your day was especially blessed. You deserve it.
Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

It would not have been the same without you and yours. It was exciting to see you all there. I know it meant a lot to your folks. Pray you will be blessed for the extra work and time you took.

The party was fun. 50 years is a long time...
especially when you are the mother.

Love you all so much. The kids are adorable.


Brooke Morgan said...

Happy Birthday, Gary!! :) :) :)

Karen Hopper said...

Happy Belated Birthday Gary. Always said those born in October were the very best! May blessing be yours throughout your 50th year.