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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving To You All!!

I am so sorry that I haven't blogged in QUITE a while! Life has been pretty hectic.
Having 3 kids is AMAZING...but it sure is alot of work!....
But if you think about it, I really have NOTHING on my friend Shawna Waage
She is TRULY my hero!!!

Well I wanted everyone to know that I am still alive...and I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!
Eat lots of Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Yams, Stuffing, Cranberries, Dumplings, Corn, Rolls, Gravy, Green Bean Casserole, Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Apple Pie, Ice Cream and whatever else you can force into your stomach!

If any of you are doing any Black Friday shopping I wish you all the luck in the world.
I have never got to do the whole Black Friday shopping because I always spend Thanksgiving day here with Phillip's family and then get up early Friday morning and travel to Fresno to be with my family.
Well this year is the same....except I am go to Ontario Mills Mall at midnite Thursday night/Friday morning to do some shopping with my CRAZY and INSANE friend Holly!
We will shop all nite long and then I will travel to Fresno exhausted.
It is sure to be a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!

I also want to tell you the things I'm thankful for (This is not a full list but some of my top priorities)
*First and foremost I am so thankful that I know who Jesus Christ is! I am so very thankful to be a fourth or maybe fifth generation Pentecostal!

*I am thankful for my WONDERFUL husband, Phillip! He is everything to me!!!

*I'm thankful for my 3 BEAUTIFUL children, Logan, Trystan and Riley Colt! They are all such MIRACLE babies! I count myself TRULY blessed to have 3 kids.

*I'm thankful for my house, car, clothing, CELLPHONE =), and all the other material things that I really don't NEED but God has blessed me with!

*I'm thankful for such a wonderful family. My dad, mom, brother David and sis n law Stephanie! I'm also thankful for my Poppy and Nama! These are genuine Christians!! I am so very thankful that I can count on all of them to be there for us! I love you all very much!

*Most people can't say that they are HONESTLY thankful for their InLaws (some call them OutLaws), but I am very very thankful for my father in law (and pastor), my mother in law (and pastor's wife), my brother and sis in law Joel and Erica and lil Trenton Vaughn and for my brother and sis n law Larry and Sarah and Natalya and Elayna. You guys are ALL incredible! I love you all!

*I am so thankful for my church, Inland Lighthouse Church! This has got to be the BEST church in the world! What an INCREDIBLE place to call MY Church!! God has blessed our church family beyond belief!

*How could I not mention my most WONDERFULEST, CRAZY friend Holly and her husband Patrick and boys, Ian and Zack! We love you all very much! I'm so glad God sent you to Rialto!!! The OC lost you and the IE gained you!!!!

*And of course all my other friends here at ILC and everywhere else! I am so thankful for all of you!!!

*Last but not least, all of my blog readers....Thank you for being so faithful to read my blog! Without you, my blog would be......Silent!

I love you all and am so THANKFUL for EVERYTHING I have in my life!!!!!

To God Be The Glory!



Karen Hopper said...

A Blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours Katie. Love ya.

HG said...

Happy Thanksgiving Katie, Phillip, and clan.

I COMPLETELY agree with your list of items you're thankful for. That is my list exactly!

Only 12 more hours until we're SHOPPING!! Wooo Hoo! Don't forget to wear your roller skates & body armor.

Love you!
HG - the one & only

Brooke Morgan said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! :-)

Jana McVay said...

Hey You! You have been tagged!!! Check my site to see how!

Oh, and it is time to update this blog, my friend!!! LOL

Thanksgiving was weeks ago and Christmas is almost here! Don't you hear the Silver Bells???