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Friday, January 23, 2009


Well...Logan can OFFICIALLY play paintball now!!! He is SO excited to get out there and play "Army"..(His words)

There is a story behind all of this.
Let me explain:
For a long time now all of the young and older boys have gotten together with thier dads and played paintball. Logan has been DYING to play, but he has NO idea what's involved.
I'm talking about the STING of getting hit!
Every since Logan has asked to play, Phillip has made a rule that the only way Logan was going to be able to get out there and play is if he let Phillip shoot him first. Noone around, no games, just go out a ways, stand there...and Phillip shoots him.
Phillip wasn't being cruel, he just wanted Logan to feel the sting. We didn't want him to get out there and start playing, get shot and start crying in front of all of his friends.
The other SLIGHT obstacle keeping Logan from playing was....no gun, no ammo, no cO2 cartridge, no gear...etc!!!
So that was the end of the story!

Well...me being a VERY avid "Freecycler", I am always watching the posts for cool and unique FREE stuff.
Last Saturday I got a Freecycle Email from someone in Redlands offering:
2 Spyder 2000 Paintball guns (still in boxes)
2 Loaders
1 cO2 Cartridge
1 complete box of paintballs
I knew there was NO way this was right!!! But me being me...I emailed her.
She said they were available..we drove out there, got the stuff and RAN LIKE MAD in case she changed her mind =)
We got home and put it all together and it seemed to be working. The cO2 was empty so we couldn't really test it out.
This started the FEAR and PANIC in Logan...he was TERRIFIED to be shot!
All week long we have been asking if he is ready...the answer remained the same NO WAY!!!!!!!!
Last night we were shopping at Walmart and I found Phillip over in the sporting goods buying a mask and cO2 cartridge...
"UH OH...Logan's Dead tonite" is all I could think!
We got home and Phillip told Logan to get outside....
After a small ordeal...we finally got Logan outside, Phillip shot him in the leg..Logan let out a little YELP...and was READY for war!!!
Of course he said, "That didn't hurt hardly at ALL"

So it's official....Logan's ready to fight!!!

I'm proud of my BIG little boy!!!!


David said...

Many thoughts rush through my head when I read this. The mark dad had for months from being shot up close, many fun times playing with the guys, playing with just 4 men "free for all" and falling on my face when we went to run in different directions. The worst was playing with a semi-automatic gun which only fires as fast as you can pull the trigger against guys that had fully-automatic guns. Needless to say I have been shot up several times. Well good luck to him. The little guys are always the hardest to catch. Hope he enjoys it. Don't forget to send his inhaler.

The Dillons said...

I knew he could do it.

Tredway Tales said...

What a wonderful post! I remember playing paint ball for the first time. It was fun and scary all at the same time. I used to put together tournaments and have guys from different churches come and play. It was great. You never know how many times you were really shot until you take a shower. Then you can count the marks. Great luck to the little soldier.