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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bible Quizzing Tournament

Well we just had our first quiz tournament of 09!
We traveled to Bakersfield in hopes that we would have a good turn out both in quizzers/teams and in how our kids did.

I'm a proud mommy so let me take this moment to brag!!

Logan was in quizzing last year and really liked it but he needed alot of help to learn his verses. I was able to help him for the first few months but then I was put on bedrest and our lives turned TOPSY-TURVY!!!
This year Logan decided to be in quizzing again.
We told him we would help him as much as needed but we also wanted him to learn to study on his own.
He BLEW US AWAY!!!! He learned 3 verses so quickly it was amazing!
As the weeks went by he continued to do outstanding with learning and retaining his verses.
Come one week before the tournament he knew ALL his material and had a complete week to review!
We got to the tournament and Logan and Emilee Thomas were put on a team together!
They were SOOO cute their first quiz...but they lost. Logan was second highest scorer with 90 points.
They quizzed again and WON...the score was 130 to 0. Logan was the HIGHEST scorer with 120 points!!! AND HE QUIZZED OUT!!!!
They quizzed again and lost...Logan was the second highest scorer with 70 points!!!

In the end Logan and Emilee took 4th place AND.................

He is DEFINITELY taking after his Daddy!!!
I'm SOOOO proud of Logan...and all of our quizzers!

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