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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Baby Dedication

Our beautiful little girl was dedicated January 21,2007. As always, baby dedications are very touching. This one was especially SPECIAL because of a couple things.

The neatest thing, I THINK, is Trystan was able to wear the dress that I was dedicated in.

Special thing number 2 was Trystan's Daddy singing "I Wanna Be Just Like You" by PCD.

Another thing was having Grandpa and Grandma here to help us celebrate!

But one of the neatest things was having 100 plus visitors at our church that Sunday morning. Several of the parents brought their babies to be dedicated to God. (You can kind of see all the people on the platform for the dedication) One grandfather was there and when Bro Booker came to pray for their baby the grandfather fell to the floor speaking in other tongues! God is SO awesome!!!

Here are a MILLION =) pictures of little Trystan on her special day!

Weird Kinda Cool Picture! =)


Linda Elms said...

Congratulations! Your baby is beautiful and Trystan a doll, too. I enjoyed seeing your family. Thank you for posting the "million" pictures!

Ronda Hurst said...

How Precious! She is just beautiful! And you are radiant!

Linda Elms said...

Katie, please read this before posting! LOL! I got your kids mixed up! OOOPS! Sorry. Anyway, Trystan is beautiful! You these posts. LOL!

Auntie Holly said...

Oh, how I love this sweet little girl! Trust me on this one - she's even cuter in person! She loves to laugh and smile, and she wears the finest clothes.

Sunday's baby dedication was a very special day indeed. God is so good to us, and He loves to make us happy - that's why He gave us Trystan!

*cHrIsS* said...

You have beautiful children and I know you know how blessed you are! Looks like a very special time for y'all on Sunday. (Your mom still looks tickled PINK!) ;) You even got a smile out of DAD for a pic! (I had never noticed how MUCH you look like him!!!) Looked very lovely! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Katie Booker said...

Sis Elms & Sis Hurst,
Thank you so much for the kind comments! I am truly blessed with wonderful and beautiful children!

Auntie Holly,
Logan and Trystan LOVE their AUNTIE HOLLY!!!! Thank you for stopping by! OH and I love my friend TOO!!! =)

Yeah I look like my Pops! I had sooo many people tell me Sunday night after my parents being here that I look like him even MORE now! And yes my mom is in HEAVEN with the babies!!!
Love ya Girl!