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Monday, February 5, 2007


I owe everyone a HUGE apology! I have been HORRID about updating my blog! Life has been absolutely insane lately!

I have to give you an update on all my recent adventures I am on.

I have posted on here before that I am making bows for girls! Well it has gotten bigger and now I am making them for 2 boutiques here locally, having a booth at our local ladies conference, sending them to Minnesota, and hopefully having a booth at California Camp Meeting. NOW I have a website!! =)
Not only am I making bows, but now I am making burp rags, blankets, purses and having someone make me diaper bags, quilts and baby shoes. We are having a blast!!!!
I'm including some pictures of some of the stuff so far! I'll post more pictures once I get them of the diaper bags!
We have a website but everything isn't up on it!
You can visit it just to see what it looks like though!


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