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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

What is Going Thru A Child's Mind?

As I look at Logan growing up all to quickly, I often wonder, "What is he thinking?". There has been many times that I will watch him staring off into space and wonder what is going through his ever growing mind. Some of the questions that he comes up with would blow your mind away. And how QUICK these little ones are to respond to you.

The other day I was sitting at Phillip's computer reading some little things we had written down that Logan had said when he was 2 and 3 years old. I will share my favorite one with you.

There was one day when I wasn't feeling well and Logan could tell and so he decided he needed Mommy's attention. He kept calling my name and telling me the same thing over and over and over again. I kept asking him to please be quiet so I could rest. He just kept being persistent until finally Phillip started asking him to be quiet. He tried to tell me one more time but in a whispering voice and Phillip had finally had it. He told Logan, LOGAN CHASE BE QUIET!!!!!!!! And Logan turned around to his daddy and said...Daddy, I was praying this time!

Kids are sure to make you laugh in tense situations!

The same goes for Trystan. She is getting bigger and smiling a whole lot now. When she is smiling I thing..Does she really think we are funny? Does she even know what "funny" is? What makes her smile when she hears mommy's voice?
It is so much fun to sit and try to figure out exactly what your little ones are thinking.

Take a couple of minutes and stop and just watch your babies, because all too soon they will be grown and out of your house and you won't have the wonderful privilege of watching them in their innocence.

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Karla said...

Well now! You've got to stop this making people cry and all! LOL! Trust me - they will be grown and leaving before you know it! Enjoy them everyday. Mine are 15 and 12 and it seems like yesterday I was watching them first smile, etc.