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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Sentimental Christmas

I don't know if this happens to you and your family at Christmas time, but it has become a tradition and somewhat of a joke in our "Barnes" family to see who can make a person cry with Christmas gifts. It started with Nama Barnes always either writing my parents a letter or digging up a sentimental thing that she has had for years. Then my parents thought they would be clever and pitch in with the "cry fest". Now don't get me wrong, I love all the sentimental stuff, but it has become kind of funny between David, Steph, Phillip and I. I remember a couple of sentimental things that I received as gifts. One HUGE thing I remember is on the last Christmas I was spending with my parents as a single girl, they bought me a BEAUTIFUL curio cabinet.

Another sentimental thing was a glass cream and sugar set that used to be my Granny's. As I said before there has always been different sentimental things done.

This year there was NO exception to that rule! It was pretty funny because my mom said that ALL she wanted this year for Christmas was sentimental stuff. So, being the obedient children that we are...we gave her sentimental things. David and Stephanie were VERY creative and gave her a box of "Memories". There were different things in the box, each individually wrapped to do with Logan, Trystan, Phillip, David, Steph, Myself and Dad. Of course that got the tears flowing. (You would have had to be there to understand) So not wanting to be outdone I had mom open my gift next. I had spent several days making, yes HAND MAKING, her a photo quilt. I do have to brag and say it turned out beautiful! I was so happy with it. I have never ever tried to do something like that before so I was very pleased! Tears were flowing all over the place...hahaha!

The last gift to me was a big box and it was actually a gift that said to Trystan. I opened the box, peered inside and was a little taken aback at first. I recognized the doll...but yet I didn't. I pulled her out and it was MY baby doll, Lori. WOW!!! They had kept my little baby for 28 years. I remember LOVING that baby and I thought she was a REAL baby. Also with the doll was my first blanket and pillow handmade by a lady in Fresno church, Sis. Vance. Along with all that was a letter to Trystan from Lori. Yes, I have to admit I was in tears..I'm a sucker for sappy stuff. I will have pictures of Lori up later.

What lead me to this whole blog was a HILARIOUS sentimental thing that my mom tried to pull off. When Trystan was born my mom started digging out all my old dresses. Now please remember these dresses are 28 years old..and ummm...quite out of date! Well she pulled out my first Christmas dress and you guessed it, she wanted Trystan to wear it to Truth Tabernacle on Christmas Eve. We were all BEGGING her PLEASE NO!!! It was quite hilarious!
Finally mom gave up and said ok she doesn't have to wear it but I HAVE to have pictures of her in it. Well I will let the pictures speak for them self as to what Miss Trystan thought of this dress.
Hope you enjoy a laugh like I did.


Karla said...

WOW! What memories you have. I can just see you all sitting around opening gifts and crying! And to have a blanket from Sis. Vance!!!! That is so incredible! Aunt Joyce (your grandma) and my mom were always so sentimental - either laughing or crying all the time!! LOL! What wonderful times those were.

Jana McVay said...

Oh my, Lil Miss Trys DOES seem to have STRONG feelings about your first Christmas dress! My, WHAT does that mean about her fashion sense? You better start a savings account just so she won't break the bank when she gets old enough to SPEAK her opinions on the clothes you choose for her! LOL

LJoyE said...
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LJoyE said...

Katie, I just found your blog and I'm enjoying reading it. I was raised with Sis. Vance at Fresno, so that brought back a lot of memories. Then, Mother and Aunt Joyce and all the fun we had through the years. Your Dad was one of the smartest kids I'd ever met! He was reading the Bible before reading "Dick and Jane" books! LOL! Memories flood my mind.

Lori said...

Awww, that's so sweet! I feel like I remember this doll too! Sounds like a very beautiful, weepy Christmas. :)
I'd love to have your bows for The Funky Barn!!! Doing one in the spring and fall...let me know if you're interested...
And the pictures of Trystan in your little dress are hilarious!!!
She's soooo pretty. Love you, Katie.