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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


How lucky can a person be to have 1 special friend...but what about 4 special friends!!! I am that lucky person! There are 4 ladies here in Rialto that I absolutely LOVE hanging out with! Everytime we get together we have a BLAST!!

These are the same friends that came and sat with me at my house while I was pregnant with Trystan and on bedrest.

Holly, Mo, Jana and Kim are the FUNNEST, WILDEST, CRAZIEST, NEATEST friends in the world. You will see by the pictures I'm posting that we always have fun.

These pictures are from our latest night "out". We went to The Melting Pot in Pasadena to celebrate the news that our friend Mo is expecting TWINS!!!! YEAAAHHH!!!!

Maureen..Mommy-to-be of TWINS!!

My Friend, Holly

Kimi's actually driving????

We are ready to EAT!!!

Don't ask about the "hand on the chin"..lol!!!

YingYang Chocolate Fondue...YUMMY!!!!

Beautiful...absolutely GORGEOUS glasses...My friends, Kimi and Jana..and of course, Ms. Trystan!

Kimi, Me and Trys...having FUN!!!

Hopefully this will let you see just how LUCKY I am to have friends as wild and crazy as ME!! =)
I love them ALL!!! Thank you God for such wonderful friends!


Ronda Hurst said...

Thank God for good friends!

Jana McVay said...

AMEN Sister Hurst!!! Katie, I am SOOOOOO glad we are friends and that we have such good, crazy, lovely ladies to call our good friends! Holly is just so honest about everything. Kim is such a classy lady and hostess. Maureen is such a hoot and now we get to enjoy her pregnancy!!! TWINS!!! Oh, Lord, have mercy!! And last but not least, you, a lady I can enjoy craziness with and live vicariously through! LOL LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!!

Linda Elms said...

Fun, fun, fun, having great, great, great, friends!