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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Logan Is a Star

Well I dont think I would be a normal mom if I didn't brag about how wonderful my children are. Of course I don't let it go to THEIR heads..but man I think they are THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!! I mean really, look at them, aren't they just gorgeous..and perfect...I NEVER have to get on to Logan..he's such an ANGEL..hahahahahahaha...OK OK. I'll be honest..He's a BOY not an ANGEL...and OH MY does he have an oppinion..yes we are trying to deal with that right now..at 6..Lord have mercy, what is Trystan going to be like?? LOL.

Anyways, Logan had a little singing part in his most recent kids drama. It was so cute! All the other kids were too embarrassed to test out their mic's when it came to their turn ( because of the always ongoing horrid problems with our sound) and so when Logan got up there, he grabbed the mic and said HELLO!!! really loud, and then looked like..OK we can start my song now! We all had a HUGE laugh at how "shy" he is...lol!

I'm posting some pictures so you can see him in action.

I do love my children and I am so thankful for all God has given me! What a wonderful family I have!


Karla said...

I love it that he had to "test" the mic before he sang!! Maybe we should all try that - then soundmen would get the hint to have the mic on and ready when we are! LOL!!

Jana McVay said...

He did a good job!!! All the kids did, even with the wonderful ongoing sound issues! GOD, PLEASE, please, PLEASE help us get a new sound system and more training for our soundmen!!!

I agree, we should always say, 'hello' or something like that, and perhaps they would finally catch on???

Kari said...

Hi Katie!!! I am sooooo glad I found your blog! I LOVE it! I can't believe how big Logan is! And your little girl!!!! I am so happy you got your girl!

I was prompted to post cuz I wanted to ask "you mean even great big awesome churches like yours have sound problems?" Heehee...I thought that was just for tiny churches like ours...(sigh)Oh well!!! Kari Morgan