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Thursday, April 12, 2007

1st TOOTH!!!

Well Trystan has made it to another milestone!! She cut her first tooth on Tuesday, April 10th and Grandpa and Grandma were here to witness it =).
I know it made their day to be here on one of her firsts!

Keep going Baby Girl!!! You're growing up to be a beautiful little girl and mommy loves you and is so proud of you!


Linda Elms said...

Oh my word! What a living doll! Your kids are all beautiful! I love seeing the pictures.

Jana McVay said...

What a cute little girl with an awesome new toothie!!! Auntie Jana thinks she looks like a little gypsy!

Misty Hamel said...

Katie, it was a nice surprise to hear from you the other day. Josh and I very often find ourselves telling "Booker Boy Stories" and so we think of all of you often. After seeing the pics of your kids here we both agree that Logan is a Booker Boy through and through! Trystan is a cutie too! Congratulations on a beautiful family. God bless!

Amy Miller-Steinberg said...

Hey, Katie, I just had to share something with you! The Bookers were here this weekend, and after meeting Sis Booker, who told him she had a Logan too, my son came home and excitedly told me there were now TWO Logan's in the world! LOL!