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Monday, August 20, 2007

XJET and Fresno

Well I pulled a Katie and got a wild hair!!!!

Last night during service I was praise singing and obviously not really thinking about service much! (I hate to admit that) I'm not sure WHAT made me think about doing this but I decided while we were singing "I'll Say Yes Lord Yes" that I was going to hop on a plane and fly to Fresno on Monday morning! I went down from the platform after song service and told Phillip that I wanted to go! He rolled his eyes UNSURPRISED and said..OK...sure!

After church I hopped on the computer at the sound booth and purchased 2 one way tickets on Xjet.com.
I arrived in Fresno at 10:50 and Steph was kind enough to come pick us up! We showed up at Truth Tabernacle and pulled off surpising mom! She DID NOT expect us there at all!!!
And so now I sit here in my parents living room................


Linda Elms said...

I LOVE SURPRISES! I'm glad you could fly home. From a Mom's point of view, there is nothing like when your children come home to visit. Tell your parents hello.

Anonymous said...

Hey - I completely understand. A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do! Have fun!!! I'll miss you, but I'll eat a Pinkberry in your honor.

Come home safe,
Love ya,

Ronda Hurst said...

AWESOME! It's so much fun surprising parents. Have fun!

Jana McVay said...

OH my....did I really want to know that your mind wasn't on praise singing??? LOL I am glad you got the wild hair and took off to Fresnoland!! I left there Monday night at 8 and was home by 12...now I am headed back on Thursday night to return Saturday morning! What a worldwind trip!!! Soooo, have a blast at your mom's!!!

Love ya,

deanna said...

I'm jealous! I wish I was there visiting my mom. But unfortunately we have no fligts from phoenix to fresno for a reasonably rate. Have a good time!!!

PJ said...

Your poor mother...