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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Elder Morton's 35th Church Anniversary!!

This past weekend we went to Fresno for the 35th Church Anniversary for Elder Morton and Truth Tabernacle!

Friday night was a banquet for all of the ministers that are in or have ever been in Fresno Church.

Saturday was the all church picnic. We had A LOT of fun!! There was tons of people there that I haven't seen in YEARS!!! It was good to see all of my old friends too.
We ate and ate and then the marrieds against singles men played baseball. Of course the married men won! =)
After that we had the marrieds against singles women baseball game. The score was tied 6-6 and the marrieds caught their last out..we were up for our last ups...and it started raining. Now who wouldn't want to play baseball in the rain?????
I think it would be a BLAST!!! I was all for it...but everyone started running off the feild to gather all of their stuff and head home.

Sunday morning was regular service with Bro Ron Garrett preaching.

Sunday night all of the branch works and visiting ministers came. The church was PACKED OUT!!!! The choir sang, there was a very cute skit that was put on by the kids in the church about Elder Morton's heart surgery. My Sis-In-Law, Stephanie wrote it and she did a great job!!!

Elder Bill Garrett spoke and then Elder Morton got up and spoke and ended the service.

At the end of service we had a huge get-to-gether in the Family Center with Food and Fellowship!

All in all it was a great success!!!


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Amy Miller-Steinberg said...

Wow, it all looks so awesome! We are having our 30th anniversary services here the weekend of October 5th; 30 years for Pastor King, 40 years for the church itself and we are pretty excited! Bro. Mortons church looks beautiful!