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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Maaco Grand Opening and West Coast Conference

Well, we finally had my dad and mom's OFFICIAL Maaco Grand Opening the first weekend of November. It was a pretty good turn out. We had a lot of fun! The local police department brought out K9 dogs and did demonstrations for everyone. We had the "Mad Scienist" there to do science experiments and we had DELMAR's Karaoke...anyone who visited the grand opening will NEVER forget their experience with the Karaoke...lol. It was great fun!
I talked to mom yesterday and it sounds like the grand opening is just what they needed. Things are hopping and popping down there now!

West Coast Conference has come and went also. I stayed in Fresno from the grand opening until WCC. It was a great conference this year...but some of the services were VERY long. My poor kids are STILL trying to recover from the late nights and all of the hairspray and "Dolling up" that we did.
Logan was as HANDSOME as ever..and Trystan was the PRINCESS!!! And my husband...WOW =) Did he ever look GREAT!!!! He got sooooo many comments on how skinny he is now. Keep up the good work baby! I am so proud of you & I love you!

The last few pictures of Logan and Natalya with Bro Booker are from this last Sunday night. He preached on Protecting The Bean Patch.

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PJ said...

Wow! You ARE alive! I'd begun to worry (won't say I missed you...well, ok...I did).

At any rate, welcome back!

First, you have GOT to get that datestamp fixed on your camera. Every time you post pictures, I can't concentrate on the content because I get so fixated on the incorrect date.

On another note: you came all the way up here...and you didn't even stop in to say hi?! I'm devestated (a little relieved too)...