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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Memories....How they linger.

I stopped by Myndfood today and was inspired to go thru some of my old yearbooks, pictures and letters.
I was taken back some 10 PLUS years. I can't believe it has been that long. Time really does fly when you are having fun.
I won't go into detail with the letters. ( There is too much dirt in those...some of which my parents STILL dont know about..LOL!)
I did start looking at some of my yearbooks and couldn't help but look to see what was written in each of them from my friends. Since PJ has posted some old "writtings" from myself and Shegazelle I will do the same.

Here is some of the things PJ had to say to me,
1994 "So what if you are already getting your license..I will have mine in 1 1/2 years. It's kinda been nice knowing you this year....."
1995 "It has been a very fun year. And so what if you have your license. I get mine in 13 months. And the answer to the question you asked me on Friday is NO. AND If you touch my hair again I will have to kill you. "
1996 "Well I really don't know what to tell you, except when you get responsible and learn how to get things done for student council, come back. It's been fun carrying your workload for you. You've been a good friend, and always remember...NO ONE RULES MY LIFE!!!"

And some from Shegazelle:
1994 "Can't wait til you get your car. Love ya"
1995 "You are cool. I have lots of fun with you."
1996 "It has been so much fun talking to you and Gina in yearbook. Remember "Squeaky"?? You better not tell anybody. I love you"

It seems like we ALWAYS had weird words or names that had "secret" meanings.

I've posted some old yearbook pictures I found. I'm sure I'll find some more to add to the fun later!


Sarah B said...

THANKS, KT! Those are some darling pics!

SheGazelle said...

Darling indeed!
Nice hair, pj. But,looking back, we all had nice hair.

PJ said...

My goodness-you didn't have to humiliate me!

WONDERFUL post! I've got to admit-you had me cracking up!

How bout that hair, huh? For the record though, any humor found in my hairstyle is FAR surpassed by that HUGE hair you used to wear!!

LOVED the post!

HG said...

Those are groovy memories!

Deanna said...

That is so not Right! No wonder PJ was so embarrassed to claim me as his sis Huh? lol

Katie Booker said...

Any time!! Weren't we all SOOO darling?

Yes we all seemed to be sporting the "do's"!

No humiliation was intended. We all had our share of "FUNKINESS".
HUGE hair was all the rage then!

"Groovy" definitely describes the memories!

You were SOO cute! Out of all of us..I think you looked the best! I love the babyface!

Thank you all for all of your comments!!

Jana McVay said...

Wow!!! Even though I was older and already had my car by the time these pictures were taken (oh, and went to the OTHER Fresno church) this brings back memories for me as well. Not all good ones either!! LOL BIG hair, BIG glasses, BIG egos.... hahahaha Remember, I used to think you and your friends were snotty nosed little brats. SO glad you all grew up into nicer adults!!

BTW, you did all have nice hair, even the hard hair guy! LOL

Deanna said...

Yeah right! Katie you don't have to lie to me now, to make me feel better. Its OK! I THINK (hope) I have grown out of that dorkiness.
Thanks for the good laugh!
I'm glad we are able to keep in touch through our blogs! It's Fun!

PJ said...

I keep coming back here-staring at the pictures of my hair...how did I do that?!?!

At any rate, as I sat, enraptured by the slideshow, I noticed that you'd put a caption on that wonderful picture of the Student Council that we worked together on...

Are you kidding me? AJ and I MADE that Student Council!! You said, "..the best student council ever, along with PJ and AJ.."

As I recall, AJ and I were the only ones to EVER get anything done (in that you and Brook spent most of your time bickering about which one of you liked which one of us that particular week-at least that's how I remember it). If it hadn't been for us, the only thing we'd have accomplished as a council would have been keeping the snack bar stocked with candy bars!

The nerve!!

Katie Booker said...

Oh no, there was no arguing between Brooke and I over guys!! She was in love with Michael Brown, her and AJ were like "siblings" and you drove her nuts LOL.
So there was NO fighting over you guys. AFA ME.... I was too good for either one of you!
But if I recall correctly, you and AJ were always trying to get MY attention. I've always heard that if you "pick on" a girl or do "mean" things to a girl, you are really flirting with her and trying to get her attention.

And your hair, I have NO idea how you did that. And I CLEARLY remember it being as HARD as a rock! We would always try to touch it to see if it would move AT ALL. Of course..it wouldn't.

Jonathan said...

Hey I use to have glasses like that. that was forever ago.

Brooke said...

Ha ha.. this is some pretty funny stuff!! LOL! :) :) Great pics, KT!!