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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Here We Go Again!!!

Well it is official...Dr's orders and all. I am on COMPLETE bedrest! ARG..and I thought I was going to make it this time without it!
So I am on complete bedrest and taking the AWFUL medicine Terbutaline. The side effects of this horrid med is shaking, VERY fast heartbeats, and utter insaneness..as Phillip would say! lol. I have to check my pulse before I take each dose to make sure that my pulse isn't above 120....120 people...thats an INSANE rate!
I was admitted into the hospital on Monday because they performed a "Fetal Fibronectin" test on me and it came back positive. Positive means I could POSSIBLY have this baby within 2 weeks. Mind you, I am only 29 weeks right now...so this IS NOT good. I was immediately put on a rotation of shots and pills, shots and pills of Terbutaline every 2 hours, from about 7 pm Monday night until around 1 pm Tuesday afternoon. During this time my pulse got up to 130 so they had to slack off on the meds a bit!
So, I have decided that if I don't want this baby to come in 2 weeks, I better keep myself PLANTED to the bed!

Tata for now...I have to go take more psycho med =)! (I'll NEVER understand why ANYONE would want to take REAL drugs!!! Its a HORRIBLE feeling!)


Karen Hopper said...

Take care - and we will be praying for you.

Sarrah Dillon said...

Well just think, when the baby does finally come (when he is supposed to ) you can testify that God delivered you from drugs.

Rachel Roberts said...

you poor thing! I'll be praying your little guy can hold on at least another month before being born.

Melissa said...

Katie, We will be praying for you and baby #3. I'm sure bedrest is tough enough, but with 2 other kids to mommy it's got to be driving you crazy! So we will pray for God to help you and kids and Phillip and of course the baby survive this insanity!

Jana McVay said...

Well, if for some reason bedrest does work and you get past the next two weeks, we will have to have another PJ party for you!

I will be praying for you and the baby! Especially about the psycho part!!!! That is an awful side effect!

Remember my offer to help (and my girls) you with anything...housekeeping, babysitting Trys, etc!

Love ya

Jana McVay said...

P.S. You did this just so you wouldn't have to sing with the ladies' quartet Friday night, huh? JK We will miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Just read your blog. Got your phone message last night. I thank God for your friends who stand close with help in an hour like this. Wish we were closer, but our offer to help stands good.Do you think Trystan and I would make a good pair LOL
Hang in there

Katie, God will take care of you and yours.
We love you much,


Amy St. Pierre said...

Aw, Katie I am so sorry you have to do the bedrest thing yet again...just keep that baby safe and you as well! We'll be praying for you!