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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pills, Contractions, Hormones....Being Female

If you put all of those things together you can come up with one WACKED OUT person.
Last night I had a rough night. But it was a weird rough night. As I am typing this story out, I can't stop laughing and crying AT THE SAME TIME! (Again, blame it on the pills, hormones, contractions and being a female!)

Phillip and I decided to have an early night of rest so we all went to bed around 8:45. The kids climbed in by me and we laid there and played a Nancy Drew game on my laptop. I kinda started having some contractions but wasn't too worried about it. Around 9:30 I felt more contractions so I went ahead and sent Logan to bed and started getting Trystan ready for bed. At 10:00 I put her in her bed and climbed back in bed hoping to fall asleep early! Well at 3 am I still had not fallen asleep and poor Phillip knew I was restless so he wasn't getting any sleep either. My contractions were in my back and the pain was going down my legs, so I couldn't keep them still.
I took my 3 am dose of Terbutaline and hoped I would fall asleep.


Around 4 am I sat STRAIGHT up in bed and started yelling "OH JESUS, JESUS, JESUS"!!!!!!
Phillip, being the good protective husband that he is, JUMPED out of bed and immediately started CLAPPING HIS HANDS and yelling "HEY, HEY!"
He ran to the front door and THREW it open...yelling out into the neighborhood...
He thought that I heard someone breaking in the house. Our house got tagged the other night and Phillip had just written a post on his website about it, so I guess in our subconscience we were both kinda worried about that.

The bad part is...when he came back in the room, I was staring at him like he was so weird...I have NO idea why I sat up in bed and started yelling. I honestly don't have any recollection of what I was thinking or doing, but yet I thought I was still laying there in bed tossing and turning.

Weird things happen when you put Pills, Contractions, Hormones and Females together.


*cHrIsS* said...

Okay, that is QUITE hilarious! You had me laughing out loud for real!

Rachel Roberts said...

LOL You poor thing!! I had an easy pregnancy, and it was still hard. Hope it goes by quickly for you.