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Sunday, June 8, 2008


Here are some pictures of me when I was little. Everyone says that Trystan is "Me made over". I'll let you be the judge.
I think Logan has his Papa Booker's eyes, but everyone says he has my eyes.
WHO KNOWS....lol!

There are certain faces that Logan and Trystan have that I see PHILLIP!!!

Then all of the sudden..out comes a picture of my brother, David...and I'm saying..OH MY GOODNESS, that is Trystans silly smile made over!

Well,enjoy the pics!


z/URL said...

what fun. Seeing those pictures. I can hardly tell if it is you or trystan. Took me back to when you and David were young.also enjoyed random thoughts about you.
Well you are on count down this Week. thank the Lord.
that baby boy may get here on your birthday.
We have you all in our heart. Tell Phillip to hang on a little longer.
He has been a Rock.
Love you all.
NaMa and Poppy Baglin

HG said...

Wow - INcredible! Trystan is definitely Katie Jr. No doubt about it!

I love her to pieces!


Vicki Brown said...

Katie - the boys had your blog up and I glanced over and saw the picture of YOU and I thought it was Trystan. When the boys told me it was YOU and NOT Trystan - it totally blew me away! I couldn't hardly believe it.
I guess we know now how she will look when she reaches your age! She'll be a very pretty young lady! :-) Love you. Sis. B

SheGazelle said...

DUDE! That is some horrific carpet!