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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well a week from today I will be getting an Amniocentesis done to see if the baby's lungs are developed.
I can't tell you how nervous I am about this happening. I am usually pretty cool about tests and stuff but man this one makes me nervous.
I guess it's the thought that they are going to be sticking a huge needle into my HUGE stomach, poking through the stomach muscles, uterus, sac of waters and drawing fluid out...all supposedly without any kind of numbing agent. And, what if they poke the baby on accident???? I read one post on the internet that said, If for some reason the baby is accidentally poked he/she will move out of the way. EXCUSE ME???? Don't poke my baby!!! lol

Does this sound like fun to you?

If any of my readers have ever had this done before, please tell me your experiences with it. You can be honest. Tell me if it hurts like crazy or if I'm just being crazy. =)


hg said...

I say go with your gut - it will never lead you wrong. If you're really that fearful, just say no. You know what's best for your bebe. You'll be 36 weeks according to your doctor, and farther than that according to your specialist, so - why endure a big 'ol needle in your belly? If you're really that concerned about "lil man's" lungs, stay in bed for two more weeks and then let him be born. Whalah! No big scary needle needed.

Love ya!

Jana McVay said...

I'm with Holly on this! If you are that uncomfortable with the procedure, don't do it! That big ole' needle is WAY smaller than our GOD!!! He is in control and He will take care of lil' boy blue and you!!!

Two more weeks of bedrest, pampering, letting someone else clean the house, do the dishes, chase Trystan, wash the clothes sounds MUCH better than a needle in the belly!


Amy St. Pierre said...

Hey Katie, I agree with your first comment. Being pregnant with twins, they want to do a bunch of stuff on me too, and I am just not comfortable with it. God is taking care of our babies, and if your ultrasound says he is healthy, just stay in bed a week or so longer(even though bed rest is driving us both crazy, I am sure...)and he'll be fine. My first two were born at 38 weeks and were totally fine! You're almost there! Besides...who wants a needle in their stomach? Not me...

Rachel Roberts said...

Oh dear God. I wouldn't be caught dead with a needle AND baby in my tummy.

Momma knows what's best for her baby...so like Holly said, follow your gut! Good luck!!

Vicki Brown said...


I'll have to agree with all the girls - don't do it if you don't feel good about it. I don't like the thoughts of it at all! Would it be worth it? What would it change? I say, like the rest, stay in bed longer and let God take care of it all. If it would help you make a decision, I'll make dinner again for you if you decide against it. Howz that? :-) Just let me know.
I thought about you a lot tonight during church and missing you. God bless you and your sweet little baby!

Vonney said...

Never had that done, I was too scared! (: I have heard that sometimes it can knick a baby - like in the foot or something, and when the baby is born, he/she will have a scratch from it. Whatever your decision, I will keep you in my prayers for a safe delivery! (:

PJ said...

I haven't ever had it done either. The one time they said I needed it, I chickened out at the last...

Oh...wait...I'm thinking of that Chemistry test where they make you list the Amino Acids...Sorry...

That said, I think that I'm with Rachel on this one: follow your gut (although, to hear you tell it, you might need some binoculars in order to keep track of it, for as far in front of you as you say it is). I couldn't blame you for not wanting that needle...

We, too, are praying for you! Wish you guys all the best!

By the way, Vicki's comment inspired me. I'll bet that with the whole bed rest thing, Philip's culinary skills have been stretched to their capacity, so I went ahead and made you a huge dish of my specialty (Kraft Mac-N-Cheese, the X-Tra Cheezy kind), and shipped it down to you today. You should get it by Wednesday or Thursday...Hope you enjoy it!!

Katie Booker said...

That sounds sooo yummy! In this heat, It is SURE to stay warm.
Hopefully if they leave it at my door, my dog won't eat it before I get to!