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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The results are in...

Well, I went ahead and did the Amnio test yesterday (Tuesday).
I was a huge chicken, and almost talked myself out of the test. I sat and asked the dr a million questions, hoping that he would say..oh the baby is fine..you don't need this test. Just go to the hospital and be delivered.
Well, of course he did NOT say this. He just kept saying, well honey, its up to you. But this is the only way you are going to get your doctor to deliver you early!

So, I bit my lip, laid down on the table and said...OK...DO IT!
IT DIDN'T HURT AT ALL!!!!! It was so easy...very quick and painless!
I did get a sudden feeling of nausea and a HUGE heat wave rushed over me, but I think that was just the adrenaline pumping. I was totally fine tho!

I got the results back this afternoon, and the little man's lungs are not developed enough yet. I'm so sad! I guess thats what I get for getting my hopes up too high! I will be 36 weeks on Monday so hopefully by then everything will be ok for delivery.
I go in to my doctor tomorrow (Thursday) and he will tell me the next steps we will take.

I'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

glad you got the test over with. Just let patience have her perfect work Soon Riley Colt will be here and we will all rejoice.
I have enjoyed your posting of late. I have commented, but for some reason it did not go through.
We are waiting for rick and Gina to get here. He preached for tim tonight and I think they may have gone by to see Becky before they come here.
We love you all.
NaMa Baglin

Anonymous said...

Well, I am glad the test was realitively painless....sad that Riley has to stay put a little longer which means you do too...happy that you still have your Mama with you this weekend...sorry that with the delay of Riley, she will have to make another trip later...

Your NaMa is right though...just let patience have her perfect work. (BTW, have I met patience??? does she attend the same hospital we do? LOL)

Love ya,

The Dillons said...

Awww man! Well whats a few more days. Do you want me to bring you some ice cream? UMM Dip n dots, Golden Spoon, gag pink berry.

Jarron said...

you should post a poll asking for an approval rating for the baby's new name.haha

Tredway Tales said...

We are praying that everything is okay when you go back to the doctor and that you have your little one soon. The waiting period can be very nerve racking. Best of luck to you!

Josh, Candace & Chloe.

Vonney said...

I am glad to know that everything went okay! Hope I didn't add to the scare factor! (; To help with the boredom while you wait, check out www.babycenter.com . Go to community and to bulletins and then click on the month Riley will be born in. I was pleasantly surprised!