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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well, we had another very EVENTFUL weekend. It was so awful, dissappointing, tiring, stressful...etc.
I can't even begin to describe what happened like Phillip can...so I will just refer you all to his webpage.
There is a running commentary and pictures!
Start at the bottom of the page and work your way up.
My MILLIONTH visit to RCH!


Anonymous said...

Cheer up Katie

You don't have as far to go as you have already come. And when you hold Riley Cole and he looks u p at you , you will be so glad for the extra time he spent developing those little lungs.

I agree it has been a difficult weekend, just waiting, and wondering. but I remembered last sunday night when god came so close to you. Maybe y ou can make it till next weekend. Try to keep focused on the goal.

we will be thinking of you and praying. Tell Phillip we have enjoyed the pictures and updates. He has done a tremendous job. It made me feel a part of your happenings.

Everyone is at church. We took Ruthie and michael to t he airport and came h ome. Poppy was so tired. Beautiful dedication services this morning. then had a nice dinner at the church.

Bye for now. Remembewr this is about over. Go. girl, go.

Love you,

Nama Baglin

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are having such a rough time!!!! I will be praying for Riley's lungs to develop quickly and for his imimnent arrival! Let me know if I can help out this week as you wait....REALLY...LET ME KNOW!

Love ya and praying for your sanity as you frustratingly await your precious little guy,

HG said...

Ok, OK, there's GOT to be some positives we can focus on. Let's see...

1. Thank God we've got the technology to know that Riley's not quite ready to be born.

2. Thank God he gave your doctor wisdom to treat you appropriately so that we end up with one healthy mommy and one healthy babe.

3. Thank God he's given doctors the wisdom to know which medicine to use to slow down your contractions.

4. Thank God that when Riley's born he'll be able to come home with you instead of staying in the NICU with a tube down his throat.

5. Thank God He blessed you with an incredible husband who can quite capably take care of you, your children, and your home while you're resting.

I know you're disappointed, but try to look on the bright side! There's SO MANY things to be grateful for. When you hold your gorgeous babe in your arms, all this waiting will seem trivial.

Hang in there, my friend, your deliverance is nigh!


Rachel Roberts said...

I know during my last weeks of pregnancy, whenever people told me "it's almost over!" I wanted to slap them and say "WHAT DO YOU KNOW!!!??? I'VE BEEN CARRYING THIS THING AROUND FOR NEARLY 9 MONTHS!" LOL ... So I won't try to tell you it's almost over, because I know the last few days seem to pass by slower than anything you've endured up to this point.

Good luck!

Vicki Brown said...

I love philips writings - he is hilarious. I felt like I was there all day at the hospital with you guys (well, sort of), but glad I wasn't. ha!
We will never forget this baby's arrival, will we? Only fun times ahead! :-)

Steph said...

I'd also like to add a prayer request for the tires on mom and dad's Expedition. With them burnin' up the road every week, I think it's a logical request!

Steph said...

...and as you can tell, I intended that comment for the "Pray, Saints, Pray" post...what a moron I am.

Katie Booker said...

I figured you did. We will definitely add them to our travail list. =)