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Monday, June 16, 2008

A trip back to the hospital....

Well, last night I made a trip back to the "hospital"...
(Mom don't panic..just keep reading =) lol)

It was different this time. I was looking forward to going. Yesterday morning I took it easy while Phillip and the kids went to Sunday School. When they got home, Phillip was absolutely exhausted, so for Father's Day I told him to just sleep and I would watch after the kids. I took them out to the backyard and let them run through a new sprinkler Grandpa and Grandma bought for them. We got in the pool and floated around for a bit and then came inside.
After Phillip woke up, we all started getting dressed. I was excited to be getting out again. This hospital trip I wasn't dreading. I couldn't wait to get there.
We left our house around 6:20 and got there around 6:35. When I walked in the first set of doors, I couldn't help but get teary-eyed. There were people that I knew standing in the lobby. Everyone said Hi, and how good it was to see me. I felt at home. When I walked thru the second set of doors, the tears started flowing. There was an unbelievable presence there, that I haven't felt in 8 weeks. As I looked around I saw more people that I know and love. Everyone was smiling..and so glad to see me. When I got to our seat, I sat in the chair, and just started crying. It felt so good to be in this hospital once again.

Now I'll explain...so mom can stop panicing about why I didn't call and tell her I was back in the hospital. =)
Bro. Booker calls the Church a hospital.
Think about it....The church is where the hurting, wounded, sick, distraught come to get their healing. Jesus is the greatest physician of all. What better hospital to go to than the church for your spiritual needs.

So, as I said...I got the healing that I needed last night in church, and now I am no longer worried about the Amnio test, the baby, the c-section...or anything else. God gave me peace. He's in control...and He's going to take care of all of us.


Tredway Tales said...

Sis. Katie,
There is no sickness that the great physician cannot cure. He has peace for the worried, joy for the sad, hope for the hopeless and comfort for the dishearted. With God there is a peace that passes all understanding. I pray that God continues to supply all your needs. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Josh, Candace & Chloe.

Melissa said...

I loved this post, Katie. What a wonderful way to describe walking into the House of God. To feel His love and the love of the church family - there is nothing else like it. God bless you and the baby on the way. I know His hand is on you both in a very special way!

Anonymous said...

That's one way to look at it. Can depend on who's eye's you are looking through Katie.

Rachel Roberts said...

Aww.. I like this post. ;o) I'll be praying for you and that little boy that everything goes smoothly whenever they decide it's time for him to make his grand entrance. :o)