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Saturday, January 3, 2009


OK OK....So I have been absolutely horrible about posting lately! I'm getting into lots of trouble from my dear friends who want to see pictures posted on here of our latest "LNO"..so here they are!

As always me and 4 other CRAZY girls are always looking for an excuse to PARTY!!! So, being in the Holiday Mood, I planned a LNO (Ladies Night Out) for the 5 pack!!
We always have SUCH a blast together!
This time we went down to the Irvine Spectrum, ate at El Torito Grill, shopped like mad, went and visited Rogers Gardens, which is STUNNING, SPECTACULAR and AMAZING!! We got to Roger's Gardens about 15 minutes before they closed. That was a HUGE bummer. And man, they were SERIOUS about closing!!!! They kicked us out PROMPTLY at closing time! Sigh!!!
We had an absolute blast exchanging gifts, riding the Ferris Wheel (Jana you were SO brave), watching Maureen with the See's Candy Guy, going into the gas station for snacks and finding all kinds of interesting bumper stickers, and on and on and on we could go!!

I love all of you girls and I am so glad I have you as my friends!!!
Here's to MANY more LNO's and to greater friendships in 2009!


Jana McVay said...

LNO!!!!! YEAH!!

Yes, I was brave! I had never been that high on a Ferris wheel before...but having such good friends to encourage me, well, I just had to do it!

What a blast we had! I wanna go back next year and do the gardens BEFORE dinner!!!

Looking forward to the next LNO in February!!! Maureen says she is planning a fun one!!

Rachel Roberts said...

Katie, I love these pictures of Riley! Such a cutie

Anonymous said...

Ok it's about time! It was a perfect LNO. I had so much fun. Thanks for the invite. Love the See's candy pic. Haha.