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Friday, March 20, 2009

Pismo Beach Family Vacation-Day 2

I do believe that Heaven will have a beach!! It has too...Heaven will be perfect, therefore there WILL be a beach! And I am requesting a Beach Front Mansion...Please God =) I'm making reservations now!

It has been absolutely beautiful here! We couldn't ask for more perfect weather!

We all woke up yesterday and just lazed around the hotel. We cooked biscuits and bacon and ate those for breakfast!

Around 11 everyone decided to take the kids down to play in the sand. For the first little bit I stayed up in the hotel and relaxed on the balcony while Riley slept for 2 hours.
Once I got down to the sand, I sat Riley down in it and he went to town....EATING THE SAND!!!! He would SHOVEL handfuls into his mouth and would SCREAM and cry if we tried to take it from him! (How dare I not let him feast on such wonderful stuff!!)

We all built a fairly good sand castle and got NICE and DIRTY!!!
The kids had SUCH a blast....and so did the younger ones =)

After we pried the boys out of the sand, we all took showers and went to eat at the BEST fish and chip place around, Pismo Fish and Chips!!! Also a little piece of Heaven!
On our walk back to the hotel we HAD to stop off at the Old Cinnamon Roll Shop! (I ate a Cinnamon Roll JUST for you David!)

We went back to the room, got all of our gear loaded up, and headed to San Luis Obispo for the Farmers Market. On our way we took a little detour and drove thru See Canyon Drive! I have never been that way before, but Joel and Erica talk about it ALL the time. That is the most beautiful drive I've ever been on!
You owe it to yourself to take the trip!

At Farmers Market we met up with Jason Skarta and Gavin Berrier. It was getting too cold for all the babies so we loaded up and came back to the hotel.

Trystan, Riley and I turned in around midnite and I have NO idea what time Phillip and Logan came back to the room. It was so late that Phillip postponed his 6 am fishing trip til Saturday!

We are having a BLAST!!! I wish we could stay for a week!


Kathy McElhaney said...

We'll be neighbors in heaven - I've asked for a Beach Front Mansion, too!!

Jana McVay said...

It does my heart good to see all of you relaxing along the beaches where the Bookers used to live! I am so happy to know that all of you are getting to eat dirt, play in the sand, and spend time together!!

I think I just might have to put a request in to live next to you and Sis. McElhaney!

Cathy Clark said...

I am happy that you are having a great family vacation! Tell everyone "hello" for me!

Cathy, & Aunt Cathy

Mary Frances said...

Yeah I am gonna be with ya all too with the whole beach mansions!!!