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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pismo Beach Family Vacation-Day 3

Yesterday started as every other day has on this wonderful vacation....Me sitting out on the balcony, loving life!!
Logan woke up around 8:30 and we sat out on the balcony together. Logan was shooting Pigeons that landed on our balcony with his rubber band gun and I was scoffing at the retarded people jumping in the ocean very scantily clad...in the FREEZING cold water!!
Trystan woke up around 9:30 and came to join Logan and I..She was freezing so she cuddled up next to Logan and watched the doggies playing on the beach!

After Riley and Phillip rolled out of bed we sent all the kids over to Nana's room and Phillip and I got to enjoy the room by ourselves!! It was PEACEFULLY QUIET!

When we finally decided to stop being lazy, Sarah, Erica and I left ALL of the kids with Daddies and Nana...and we got to go SHOPPING!!!!! It was WONDERFUL...a nice break!

Phillip and Larry took Logan, Trystan and Natalya to the beach to play in the sand again and Nana was very brave and watched Riley, Elayna and Trenton.
Joel went to get Nana a Starbucks to repay her =)
Papa was staying in his car, driving around, keeping sane away from the WILD children!

Of course being the females that we are....we shopped FOREVER!!! By the time we got back to the hotel (at 5:00 pm) we had 10 minutes left to get changed, get the kids changed and rush out to McLintocks.

McLintocks is also a little piece of Heaven....YUMMY!!! Maybe that is what is going to be served at the Marriage Supper Of The Lamb!! =)
When we walked in to McLintocks we found Phillip's picture hanging on the wall from his 15th Birthday. (See Picture Above)
We surprised Logan at McLintocks and had them sing Happy Birthday to him...His birthday was on March 11th! (Yes I am a HORRIBLE mom for not writing a blog to him! I will post pictures of his Army Cake that I made for him later) When we had Logan's picture taken we added it right by Phillip's.

After we stuffed our selves to death, Phillip and I and Nana took the kids to walk on the pier one more time. It was freezing so we only made it half way.

We all met up at the room later on and played Spades and Boggle. I went to the room and packed most of our stuff up and then played Boggle for a little bit. I crashed with Riley and Trystan around 11:00 and who knows when Phillip and Logan came to bed =)

Tomorrow we pack up and leave =(


Mom said...

What a way to finish off the week. Dinner at McLintocks!!!!! I am so happy you got to go on this trip and have so much fun.
Love you much,
P.S. I know you have the smartest kids.......but Riley already reading the menu. I was shocked. j/k

Jana McVay said...

Alas, all good things must come to an end...EXCEPT when we get to Heaven and our beachfront mansions!! That will NEVER end!!! Hallelujah!

I, too, am amazed how intelligent Riley is, and at SUCH a YOUNG age!!!