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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Five Things You (may not) Know About Me

Thanks alot Karla! I thought I was going to get a way with just reading and laughing at everyone elses =) lol...of course it's just my luck to wake up this morning and read yours and see my name sitting there "Tagged". lol
So here we go!!!

Wow this is harder than I thought =)

#1. I am terrified to stay at home by my self at night. I'm a big girl and I have 2 babies to watch after so I should be the brave one..but, alas, I am not! The other night Phillip was going to do an all night fishing trip and I BEGGED Logan to sleep with me. He kept saying, MOM..I want to sleep in my bed. I kept on and on until he finally agreed. Yes I'm a big chicken!

#2. I broke my collarbone when I was about 6 or 7 and I DISTINCTLY remember wearing a brace that held my shoulders back in place for what seemed like FOREVER. I broke the bone by tripping over a wire in the front yard of a friends house. I think I used to be a cluts!!! lol

#3. I too, like Karla, can cook. I just hate to be bothered with it. Once I'm in the kitchen I enjoy doing it..but it's just getting there that is the hardest part. My New Year's Resolution is to cook more often. (We shall see)

#4. I am very compulsive. I think I will just leave that one at that! =)

$5. I would rather shop at Target than just about any other store, including Macy's, Nordstrom and various other "high scale" stores. I can go into Target almost every single day and find something new! I love the store!!!!

Whew!!! Finally that is done! Now I am tagging Jana and Chris. Have fun girlies!!! Its not as easy as it appears =)


Karla said...

Katie - thanks for participating in our game. It's been quite interesting.

Ronda Hurst said...

Katie, You are so cute. Target is a bad place to go. I can never leave that store without buying something. LOL
Love You, Ronda

Sharon Bivens said...

Katie, I am so thankful to Karla that I found you. I love Tristan's & Logan's pictures. I'll have to write more later, but I love you and your family bunches and bunches.

Sharon Bivens said...

Katie, I am so thankful to Karla for finding your website. I love the pictures of the kids. Tell everyone I love them and I think of y'all often. Love ya bunches,

LJoyE said...

Katie, I've tried two times to post on your Sentimental Christmas, so I'll try this one. I had so many memories flood through my mind when I read about your family Christmas. Mother and Aunt Joyce were so much fun when they were together. Laugh then cry, then laugh some more. And, your Dad was one of the smartest kids I'd ever met. He was reading the Bible before he read "Dick and Jane" books! LOL!! Memories flood my mind.